Team up for growth


TeamUp forGrowth

Team up for growth is a HR product with three components:

  1. Accountability
  2. Commendations
  3. Recognition

Accountability Commendations members Recognition

In the Accountability section staff members can record and submit their timesheets. Work done and the time taken for activities done under projects are recorded. Once submitted the reporting manager is asked to approve the timesheet. This data is used to assess effort going into different projects and hence their costing and profitability. Reporting and query can be done by Clients, projects, staff members and so on. There is also a facility to enter and process expense vouchers.

Commendations module encourages staff members to commend each other on good work done or professional support given to colleagues. This encourages team spirit and positive feedback.

Recognition Module facilitates a 360 degree appraisal of each employee. There is a facility to manage KRAs by role. Rating by Self, manager, team members and even external stakeholders is possible. Appraisals can be setup for any frequency like annual, quarterly or even monthly. The software is easy to setup and and run in any organisation.

Technology Used

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